Write more books…

It’s a thing often found in advice columns by writing blogs and coaches. If you want to sell more books. Write more books…

This is 100% accurate, but what is often left out is this: What the ever loving hell does that mean?

It’s a vague and obvious statement that most authors are perplexed by, because of course you plan to write more books. But how is that a marketing plan?

I’m so glad you asked! *cracks knuckles*

In this series of articles called Thanks Tips, I will take a vague and cliche piece of writing advice and break it down into understandable steps. Or at the very least shed some light on what it actually means in practice.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Getting readers to see your book is easier than it’s ever been before. Ads are available through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Amazon, BookBub, iBooks, EVERYWHERE!

There are newsletter swaps and blog tours and release blitzes…

The ways to get your book noticed are plentiful so why is the advice ‘write more books’ a big part of your marketing efforts? Can’t I just keep throwing money at this? Isn’t writing books just the creative part not the marketing part?

The actual writing, sure, but once you publish a book it’s a product. A product you use to market your NEXT book.


Most people stop after phase one, sometimes because they aren’t even aware of how important phase two really is.

Phase one of book marketing is getting readers…again, obvious. Readers need to know you exist, then you need to have a great cover, convincing description page, and a great book.

Phase two of book marketing is keeping those readers. When those readers are done your first book you need to keep their interest. Facebook groups and newsletters keep people around between releases but alone, they aren’t enough. You need to hand them another great book on a consistent and sustainable schedule.

These two phases are necessary to finding, hooking, and keeping your readers coming back for more.

Without phase two, all the money and time you’re sinking into ads and newsletter swaps will lead your readers to a dead end (which is also just bad business).

And what do readers do when they’re done a book?

They read another one.

So if you don’t ‘write more books’ those readers will go find someone else who does.

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