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Productivity is at the forefront of everyone’s mind this month. How can we crush 2020 and dream big and get more—health, money, happiness, and so on?

What do we need to DO to get where we want to go?

I’m here with a different question for you today.

Who do you need to BE to get where you want to go?

Some people love and thrive under the pressure of a To-Do list. Those people are results people—The puzzlers, the gamers, the reverse engineers of productivity. If you are one of those people, we love you, but this post isn’t for you.

This article is for those who freeze up, shut down, or feel anxious at the idea of a long list of tasks to complete. These people are identity first people.

If they don’t believe they’re the kind of person who CAN do all these tasks, they won’t. No matter how beautiful their planner is…

Note: If you need or want a more in-depth explanation of this concept of Results First or Identity First, you must visit the genius brain that is Jessica Eley and listen to her podcast and watch her workshop.

After going through her workshop, I realized I’m a hard-core be-er. I need to believe I’m the kind of person who gets stuff done before I can jump into action.

That’s when I decided to start a To-Be list instead.

I still have the same goals and aspirations as anyone else, but instead of my list looking like this:

It looks like this:

Instead of looking at what you hope to achieve in 2020— ending in a paralyzing To-Do list—create a list of ways to be. See how it feels.

I could write a dozen articles on how my To Be list is organized, and who knows—maybe I will. But my timer is about to go off and I’m scheduled in for a break…

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