We wanted to show our readers what a typical Waypoint Newsletter looks like. This was our most recent, which we wanted to stretch far and wide:
Thinking about your story is important. Working things out in your head like plot, setting, pacing, characterization IS writing. So don’t beat yourself up or feel stressed out if you can’t get the time to sit and write. Keep a notebook or note app to jot down anything important and when you have time to write it will come out that much faster.
Taking care of yourself. It’s hard to create from a place of fear, stress, or desperation. Be sure to take time to center your thoughts, care for your mind, reach out for help, and tend your body. Creativity runs dry and the only way to fill it back up is by being present in your life. What makes you feel real joy, hope, or love? Do more of that. Now more than ever. 
No one knows how this will play out. But that’s always true. You never really know what’s around the corner. There’s one thing you can know for sure. Yourself. Use this time (if you have it, even a few moments) to work on things that don’t take up too much creative energy. Learn about amazon ads. Take that free course on marketing. Tinker with your website. Finally set up that email list you were planning. Use your time to build your platform so when things settle and bills need to be paid you’re ready and you’ve set yourself up to bounce back faster and stronger. 
Reach out to your author community. Network with other authors and see where you can add positivity to this amazing community. Use your skills to help others and keep your moral strong. It will help. Because it’s easy to think that what we do in times like this isn’t important and keeping a finger on the pulse of the writing community will help to keep you moving forward. Because like I said at the top of this letter, who are people turning to?
I know that you are strong and resilient but if you need a little help please reach out. I’m here to answer your publishing questions and help keep your author path clear of debris from this emotional and physical storm as best I can. Let me know how you are doing and if there’s anything I can do to help. Even if it’s as small as “That email list thing sounds good right now, where do I start?” 
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