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The 5 Point Story Mapping Method isn’t a plotting device. It’s not a new series of beats or a reworking of classic plot tools. The Waypoint Method aims to get deep under the skin of your story so that you understand more than just what happens to your characters. It’s about setting yourself up to succeed, understanding your own motivations as well as your character’s, and using your time and creative energy in the best possible ways.

After a decade of publishing, editing, and evaluating what is and isn’t working in fiction, the core of an author’s story can make or break the final product. Underneath the plot and the setting, what is your story saying to the world?

Below hair and eye color, what does your protagonist need? What do they fear? What do they believe about the world, or themselves, that isn’t true? In this guide, we’ll be digging deep into the origins of your story and your character and help you build your plot around that central idea.

This method is a great tool for plotters to use as, or before, they sit down to plot. Plot points are just things that happen without the background of character and central idea. Honing on those first is key.

If you fall more under the pantser/discovery writer umbrella, you’ll be able to work through these pages in your head to dig deep into the emotional draw of your story and then let the words fly. Or write the story, come back to these pages and edit your story into brilliance.

You can get your copy HERE. And remember that Allie and Jo are always ready to chat this out with you. If you’d like to schedule a simple plot/career chat, or a mapping call, you can find details for those HERE.

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