Not long ago, I was preparing to teach at a writing retreat. As I sat down to plan, I listed out some ideas of short classes I could present. Then, I sent my ideas to the group of attendees for a vote.

As an afterthought, I slid in – How to Know What to Write Next – and it ended up with the most votes by far. I found this both surprising and exciting. Getting stuck on what you should write next isn’t a problem many writers anticipate having, but it’s one almost all of us experience at some point. 

That presentation transformed into Pitch It to Write It, an easy, 4-step process to help you effectively choose your next attention-grabbing story idea that sells. 

An effective story pitch sells your idea to your readers if you’re an indie author, or to an agent if you’re traditionally published. It’s a way to distill the heart of your story idea into a quick, simple description that hooks your readers and leaves them wanting more. 

In Pitch It to Write It, I draw on my twelve years of publishing experience to bring you a process that helps you pick your next project, know if the idea will work, then determine whether the idea is the next right step for your author career. 

The Pitch It to Write It workbook will help you: 

  • Identify other works of fiction that draw you in, and how those values and themes show up in your own ideas
  • Work through ways you can discover which project(s) you’d like to focus on right now
  • Explore and narrow down your project ideas to the one that will potentially resonate most with your readers and, as a result, be most profitable 
  • Work through creating a concise pitch that helps you quickly describe your next idea

We’ll work together to put your core values to use, explore tools to narrow down your project list, and find ways to make your take on the story unique to you. Because at the heart of it all, YOU are the unique element of your story. 

Being able to pitch your idea is KEY is knowing if there’s a market for it, in keeping your story focused, and having an end product that (hopefully) needs far less editing once you’re done drafting. Saving time on your process means more time to write your next story–and the next, and the next.

Honestly, there’s nothing quite as exciting as diving into a new project, and nothing quite as daunting if you’re stuck. If you’re struggling to decide what project you should start working on next, Pitch It to Write It can help.

By working your way through the pages of the Pitch It to Write It workbook, you’ll gain a clear focus to turn your idea into the solid story it deserves to be. You can get your copy HERE.

Happy Writing! Jo

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