Sometimes you don’t need high level support or a proven framework to build your career. Sometimes you’re doing fine, and are happy as can be with where you’re writing and author career is going.

But you know there’s always room for growth, stretching, and improvement and that’s what this space is here for. A collection of hyper specific resources on a multitude of topics that relate to the FOUR PILLARS OF AN AUTHOR CAREER that you can pick from to focus on unleveling one aspect of your writing and publishing game.

Free Resources

Story Roots Idea Tester: Get to the Root of Your Story and Win the Heart of Your Reader

Dreams to Goals Guide: Understanding How to Position Your Fiction to Reach Your Dreams

The Five Genres Quiz: Find out Your Online Platform Persona and Reach Your Ideal Readers

Paid Resources

Pitch It to Write It: A Four Step Process to Make Your Story Stand Out

Five Point Story Mapping: Craft a Compelling Story in Five Steps (Whether You’re a Panster or Plotter)

Three Foundations Guide: Reach your Fiction Goals with These Simple Exercises

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