Sometimes you need to talk it out with someone who has gone before you.

If you want to write more, get an agent/publisher, attract ideal readers, and sell more books all while still enjoying your life, our customized consultation calls are for you!

Publishing isn’t a linear journey where you start as a temp and end up a CEO, it’s a complicated and twisted road that throws obstacles at you from every angle: story problems, plot holes, marketing confusion, insecurity, fear, uncertainty and the list goes on.

What we can promise you here at Waypoint is that we will listen to your individual concerns as an author, dig into your stumbling blocks, unearth your true author goals, and help you overcome it all without any cookie cutter solutions or ‘just buy more ads’ marketing advice.


We believe that a solid foundation and focusing on the FOUR PILLARS of author success is all you need to start writing, publishing, and selling books that matter to readers who will love them.

We can help you overcome an obstacle, create a plan, or talk through your work in progress—whatever you need to move forward in your writing.

Learn more about our individual services to help you navigate your story and your career HERE

If you’d rather work on your own, you can find our workbooks for DIY authors HERE.

See a Detailed Explanation of Services and Prices HERE

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