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It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your writing journey, you’ve finished one book, or your backlist is filled with titles. It doesn’t matter if you’re Independent or Traditional. Every single person we’ve worked with, or met in the writing world, has one thing in common:

Occasionally, we all get stuck.

We’re sometimes overwhelmed by the process, or afraid of the criticism/rejection, or we’re just plain burned out.

We get it! We’ve been in all of those places. We’ve navigated these paths over and over, which is why we’re here and ready to assure you that you are NOT ALONE. We are here to let you know that WE’VE GOT YOU, and are so excited to help you fall back in love with your writing and build a fulfilling career packed with readers who love you.

This guide is intended to help you reset your expectations, core values, and re-assess how you want to move forward in the way that makes the best sense for YOU.

Part I: Reset expectations, toss toxic beliefs

Part II: Get aligned (or re-aligned) with your core values

Part III: Be prepared for the hard parts. We’ll help you build a toolkit to help you through the downswings.

Please be honest and thoughtful as you work through this guide, and remember that your values, ideas, and toolkit may change as you do! Embrace the change. Enjoy the process. You can get your copy here.

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