Ready to start querying agents and/or publishers? We got you.

Nailing Your Query and Submission Packet walks you through the following:

  • Checking the Market for the viability of your novel
  • Creating a pitch that an industry professional can’t ignore
  • Building a query letter to capture attention
  • Writing a synopsis that will best showcase your story
  • Discovering a personal bio that connects you to your work
  • How to move forward and begin the submission process

This workbook is best for writers who are nearly finished with their novel and hope to find representation and publication for that project.

After workshopping countless authors through this process over the past eight years, Jo knows the common pitfalls and strengths of most writers at this stage in their journey. She also knows that this is often the most vulnerable piece of an author’s career. With this workbook you can work at your own pace, at a time that works for you, and wherever you like. And as always, if you’d like to schedule a “Quick Chat” or a full “Plot Consultation Call we can go over your submission materials together.

You can find your copy of the Nailing Your Query and Submission Packet HERE

~ Thank you!

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