An effective story pitch sells your idea to your readers if you’re an indie author, or to an agent/publisher if you’re traditionally published. It’s a way to distill the heart of your story idea into a quick, simple description that hooks your readers and leaves them wanting more. 

A pitch is crucial in selling your book. If an author takes the traditional route, a pitch sells a book to an agent who uses the pitch to sell to an acquisitions editor, the editor uses that pitch to sell to the publisher, who uses it to sell to the distributor, who uses it to sell to the bookseller, who uses it to sell to readers. In independent publishing, a pitch is the simplest and most effective tool in finding the right readers.

A solid pitch is the first step to a solid story.

In Pre-Writing Genius,I draw on my thirteen years of publishing experience to bring you a process that helps you pick your next project, know if the idea will work, then give you focus tools to move forward with as you draft your project. I’ve even had writers say they used this method to help in revisions. 

This DIY workbook is best for authors who: 

  • Want to work at their own time, at their own pace, and within their own space
  • Have a difficult time choosing which project to write next
  • Want their book to have its best chance of selling when they’re finished
  • Don’t want to panic when people ask, “What’s your book about?”
  • Want to have a specific and focused idea to help through the writing process

We’ll work together to put your core values to use, explore tools to narrow down your project list, and find ways to make your take on the story unique to you. Because at the heart of it all, YOU are the unique element of your story. 

Saving time on your process means more time to write your next story–and the next, and the next.

The Pre-Writing Genius workbook will help you gain a clear focus to turn your idea into the solid story it deserves to be. You can find your copy HERE.

Happy Writing! Jo

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