Are you feeling stuck in one or more aspects of your author career? Has the business side of the writing life got you down? A Publishing Consultation Call can help you get focused, and get moving again. 

Here are 7 reasons why some one on one time might be exactly what you need to get back on track.

1. You’re sometimes paralyzed about which publishing avenue is best for you or your current project.

When it comes to publishing options, it can be difficult to choose which avenue works best for a particular book, genre, or author. Do you want to be an independent, traditional, or hybrid author? 

Depending on the (one or more) genre(s) you write in, one or more of the available publishing options may be right for you. If you’re feeling confused as to which route to take, you may need someone to help you sort through your brilliant ideas and map a way forward. 

2. You envy other authors’ Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or other social media feeds. 

The comparison trap: I’ve been here, and I think most of us have been. It’s super demoralizing to feel like other authors “have it all together” while we’re just winging it over here (spoiler alert: they don’t). Ouch, right?

How do other authors find the time to make everything so pretty and streamlined? When do they get a chance to carefully curate such attractive images and quotes? A Career Chat can help you hone in on your platform, what you’re saying to the world, and teach you how to reflect yourself well in your online marketing. 

3. You wish you knew how to better present yourself online to find readers.

This relates peripherally to #2. Do you find yourself wondering how those other authors have so many people gushing about their books online? Wondering how to attract those same kinds of exuberant, enthusiastic readers yourself? It can help you gain perspective to chat with another industry professional about how to attract the right readers–and how to keep them engaged. 

4. Social media options are overwhelming for you.

When it comes to online marketing, there are so many options! Should you just choose one or two platforms, or go all out and post everywhere? How often should you post? How do you know what’s working, and what’s not? At what point are you just spinning your wheels?

A Career Chat can help you narrow down your social media options to the best ones that will be most effective for your online presence. Then, you can get to work focusing in the right places, rather than stressing over all the options. 

5. You’re working on your bio for your website, publisher, or query. 

Your author bio is an important piece of information you’ll share everywhere when it comes to your books. Knowing what to say about yourself–and what to leave out–can be daunting, especially because your bio is often the first thing a new reader reads about you. A Career Chat can help you get clear on the pertinent information you need to reveal through your bio.

6. You want to make your author website spectacular.

Your author website is the main digital hub for your online presence. If you want to make that space spectacular, a Career Chat can help you know what you need on your site, and how to position yourself to draw in more readers.

7. You’re having an impossible time trying to find time to write and create that work-life balance people keep talking about (that doesn’t actually exist). 

Pfffft, balance–what is that, exactly? At Waypoint, we believe “balance” is a myth. Author life is more about focusing our energy where it needs to be, at any given moment. If you need to talk through the idea of moment-to-moment focus and what that might look like in the context of your life, a Career Chat can help.

Do YOU need a Career Chat? 

If you need help taking the next steps in your author career, contact us for a Career Chat. On this call, we can help you level up an important aspect of your author life that needs extra attention. 

A Career Chat is a 60-minute phone call to help get you unstuck from a specific business- or publishing-related issue. Some of these include: 

  • Building your author platform
  • Strengthening your online presence
  • Unifying your author brand
  • Directing your online marketing efforts
  • Planning your next book launch

A Publishing Consultation Call is a great way to get focused on the business side of your author life. We’ll help you take your next steps with confidence. 

Want to get that call on the books? Click HERE

Happy Writing!

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