The Waypoint Method of plotting aims to get deep under the skin of your story so that you understand more than just what happens to your characters, you understand the WHY.

Once we dig deeper into story, the plot points begin to fall together. Plot points are really just moments when your protagonist’s views or their way forward PIVOTS to something new.

Know what you’re aiming for with your story, always have an idea of where you’re going. Be flexible and be open as you ditch your perfectionist inner critic and let your mind wander through your ideas. Getting it all out on the table in front of you will help you sort through the creative mess and plan a great story route.

Books that stick with us, have characters that stick with us. ENDER’S GAME would not have been the same without Ender. LORD OF THE RINGS needed Frodo and Sam. The HUNGER GAMES was brought to life by Katniss (and the fab supporting cast).

When we take the time to dig deep into character, the plot points within our novel begin to fall together. We’ll know how to map out each of the following pivot points our protagonist takes throughout our story:

  1. Opportunity/Inciting Incident
  2. Commitment/The Step Forward
  3. Double Down/Reflection/Midpoint
  4. Rock Bottom/the true path is HARD
  5. Dig Deep/Climax

When you find the flow from one point to the next, and know your character, setting, and their place within the world, you end up not just with a plot but with a MEMORABLE STORY. Memorable stories are the ones we tell our friends about. And that is the best jumping off point for a fabulous career in fiction.

My fabulous TikTok followers picked the title for this plotter. I love them a little.

You can download the full guide HERE.

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