Waypoint Author Academy is a place fiction authors can learn and grow by breaking down the author journey into manageable pieces. On a map or GPS, a waypoint is like a checkpoint or mini destination. Here at Waypoint we believe that building an author career can be like summiting a mountain—a daunting feat of grit, strength, and determination.

No author will tell you that building a career as a fiction author is easy—and if they do, they’re full of shit. But almost all authors will tell you that in the end, after all the hard work and crushing doubt writing that book was always worth it.

As an avid hiker and author of over a dozen books, our CEO Allison often compares hiking and writing against each other. Both tasks are strenuous, difficult, full of risk, and sometimes down right terrifying. But here she is, still doing both and loving every heart pounding moment of it.

But mountains are not summited in a single go. You must train, prepare, research, map your route, and troubleshoot all before you step foot onto that first rock…

Publishing careers are no different…

Waypoint Academy helps you in every aspect of building your author career from writing, to editing, to publishing, to branding and marketing—and even a bit of life skills stuff, too! Together we plan, customize, and implement the right path for each of our authors. We make sure you have the right tools to succeed, and the right emergency plans to deal with obstacles and set backs along the way. Because nothing ever goes according to plan, right!?

We want you to reach your highest goals, and we succeed in helping you grow by simplifying and streamlining the process. And we even do it without breaking the bank!

Find out what we offer by checking our DIY Resources, or Work With Us one on one.

Are you ready to tackle your publishing career one waypoint at a time?