8 Ways Self-Sabotage Disguises Itself to Block Your Creativity

Once you embark on building your author life, you’ll find that self-sabotage is an insidious beast. It disguises itself as a number of different, seemingly innocuous feelings and scenarios that ultimately block your creativity. So what do you do about it? Obviously, we all want to nip self-sabotage in the bud. Anything that gets between […]

The Benefits of Talking Through Your Book While in the Drafting Stage

During the drafting stage of writing your book, it’s highly beneficial to talk through your ideas with someone familiar with your genre. This can be a bookworm friend, editor, or even a coach. As writers, we often find ourselves working in a vacuum, stuck in our own heads. Once we’ve firmly planted ourselves inside our […]

Hiring a Developmental Editor: What You Need to Know

Throughout your story creation process, you’re going to come to specific waypoints that will direct you toward your next steps. Working with a developmental editor to flesh out your worldbuilding, characters, and plot is one of these important stages. All authors have their own nuanced approaches to writing and no two processes look the same […]