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What would happen if you leaned into your life, instead of trying to fight against it?

For a lot of us writers, we spend a considerable amount of energy berating ourselves for not being more. More efficient, more prolific, more poetic, more organized, more outgoing, more balanced.

What if I told you, you are everything. You are everything you need, you have everything you need right in front of you.

Your life, your personality, your experiences, your beliefs…these are all things that contribute to your creativity, your stories, and your career as a fiction author.

So if you are already awesome (which you are), and have everything you need to be successful (which you do), then why do you feel like you’re failing this author game epically?

The problem is not you (you are still awesome). It’s the systems you’re trying to cram yourself into (the internet doesn’t know your life like you do).

This short Author Life Blend workshop will help you shift into a much more effective strategy to building a more joyful and creative life.

No step by step, no cookie cutter boxes, no wild promises.

What this workshop is meant to do is shift your expectations around the idea of balance, and layout a loose framework meant to hand you back the power to create your own life, and inspire you to start where you are instead of where the internet tells you to be.

We have no interest in changing who you are.

We are dedicated to supporting you figure out how to leverage who you are and build the confidence to bend the rules to fit you, not the other way around.

Join us in the Author Life Blend Workshop and take the first step toward the writing life you want.

If you haven’t already defined your dreams and set your goals, start here!