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DIY Workbook: A+ Submission Packet

Ready to start querying agents and/or publishers? We got you. The A+ Submission Packet walks you through the following: Checking the Market for the viability of your novel Creating a pitch that an industry professional can’t ignore Building a query letter to capture attention Writing a synopsis that will best showcase your story Discovering a personal bio that connects you to your work How … Read More DIY Workbook: A+ Submission Packet


DIY Workbook: Master Self Editor

Want to get the most out of your edits and get your book noticed? The best way to make your book as strong as it can be is by learning how to edit your own words before your manuscript ever leaves your hands.  No one knows your story the way you do, and no one can edit in a way that helps you stay … Read More DIY Workbook: Master Self Editor


4S Author: Self

Starting with SELF is appropriate because it’s often the thing authors abandon first. We spend so much time trying to contort ourselves for agents, editors, and readers we completely forget that we’re a very important piece of our stories. If you haven’t read the Series Kickoff outlining the 4S’s, do that here. The self has two sections: your physical self and your higher self. … Read More 4S Author: Self