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Introduction to Writing LGBT+ Characters

2021 has seen more books featuring LGBT characters hit the bestselling lists than any year prior. These books have come in all genres: memoirs, YA novels, erotica, thrillers, you name it. With this explosion in LGBT-centered stories, many authors have a desire to include an LGBT character in their stories, whether as a main character or a side character. However, this can sometimes be … Read More Introduction to Writing LGBT+ Characters


DIY Workbook: 5 Point Story Mapping

The 5 Point Story Mapping Method isn’t a plotting device. It’s not a new series of beats or a reworking of classic plot tools. The Waypoint Method aims to get deep under the skin of your story so that you understand more than just what happens to your characters. It’s about setting yourself up to succeed, understanding your own motivations as well as your … Read More DIY Workbook: 5 Point Story Mapping

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Developmental Self-Editing

Please Note: This post contains affiliate links. You’ve completed the first full draft of your shiny new novel, and you’re chomping at the bit to send it off to your developmental editor. I mean, it’s on paper now, right? Isn’t it time to get some help with fleshing it out so you can move on to the next step?  Not so fast.  It’s incredibly … Read More Don’t Underestimate the Power of Developmental Self-Editing


How Layering Your Edits Can Make the Revision Process Smoother

When it comes to editing your book, there’s more than one approach to the revision process. Some writers work through their manuscript from beginning to end, in chronological order. Others might work backward, one chapter at a time. Another efficient way to conduct revisions is by layering your edits. Let’s consider what layering your edits might look like. How to Determine Your Editing Layers  … Read More How Layering Your Edits Can Make the Revision Process Smoother


DIY Workbook: Write Better Stories Series

Allie and Jo are passionate about helping quality stories find their place the world. We created this series of workbooks to give intermediate authors a series of questions and checklists to strengthen the following: Write a Better Story Create a Better Character Construct Better Tension Build a Better Romance Write a Better Story walks you through the steps to create stories with the kind … Read More DIY Workbook: Write Better Stories Series


DIY Workbook: Master Self Editor

Want to get the most out of your edits and get your book noticed? The best way to make your book as strong as it can be is by learning how to edit your own words before your manuscript ever leaves your hands.  No one knows your story the way you do, and no one can edit in a way that helps you stay … Read More DIY Workbook: Master Self Editor


DIY Workbook: Three Author Foundations

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your writing journey, you’ve finished one book, or your backlist is filled with titles. It doesn’t matter if you’re Independent or Traditional. Every single person we’ve worked with, or met in the writing world, has one thing in common: Occasionally, we all get stuck. We’re sometimes overwhelmed by the process, or afraid of the criticism/rejection, or … Read More DIY Workbook: Three Author Foundations


Hiring a Developmental Editor: What You Need to Know

Throughout your story creation process, you’re going to come to specific waypoints that will direct you toward your next steps. Working with a developmental editor to flesh out your worldbuilding, characters, and plot is one of these important stages. All authors have their own nuanced approaches to writing and no two processes look the same from start to finish. But having an extra set … Read More Hiring a Developmental Editor: What You Need to Know