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Publishing Basics: Simpler than you think

When you know something—like truly understand it—you just do it. With little effort or thought, it just happens. This is why some people suck at teaching others how to do what they specialize in. Because in order to teach you have to start at the beginning. Not the beginning for you. The beginning for someone who doesn’t know squat about what you are awesome … Read More Publishing Basics: Simpler than you think


Author Pep Talk: Let Go

Post Previously Published on I’ve been in a few conversations lately that remind me how much writers treat their works like their children. I have a good friend who I’m sure will hit the publishing world in a big way at some point. There’s a fantasy he’s been working on for a long time. It’s the first writing project he threw himself into. … Read More Author Pep Talk: Let Go


Welcome to Waypoint Author Academy

Waypoint Author Academy is your first step on the journey to becoming a confident writer and savvy business person. Because whether you’re blazing your own trail in self publishing, or are pursuing the well trodden traditional route, at the end of the day you are still in a business. Here at Waypoint our goal is blend writing, publishing, and healthy mindset to help you … Read More Welcome to Waypoint Author Academy