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Sometimes, the easiest way to get the information you need, is to simply chat it out with someone who has experience.

We’ve created different levels as well as different chat topics, to best help you move forward in your author career. The chats are more casual and directed by your needs/struggles in the moment such as writers block/plot snags, or intense imposter complex that’s stopping you from releasing, or a mid-launch sales plateau.

The mapping is more structured where we help you develop a strategy for your bigger picture publishing plans like plotting a new novel, planning a launch, creating a marketing plan for your backlist.

The options of what we can cover are endless and the solution is always customized to your writing, your goals, and your unique life circumstances.

Having a two-sided conversation about your next project, your work in progress, or your career will help you save time, money, and precious mental energy that creatives need so much.

Story Chat | $75 | 1 Hour

In this hour-long phone call, we discuss anything that you’re struggling with from the novel that you’re about to start, the one you’re losing sleep over, or the one you can’t quite get right.

Whether you’re struggling with character growth, raising stakes, or deepening conflict, this is a fantastic way to help you get focused on your story, which in the end, will save you both time and money.

Career Chat | $75 | 1 Hour

In this hour-long phone call, we’ll help you with anything business or publishing related that’s got you stuck, like researching agents, strengthening your online presence, building your platform, unify your brand, plan your launch, direct your marketing efforts.

This is a fantastic way to help you get focused on the business side of being an author, and feel confident moving forward on the path that works best for you.

Story Mapping Call | $197 | 1.5 Hours

Before the call, we’ll be asking a few questions about your project, what you’d like to cover, or we may send over a few worksheets so we can gain some insight into your work in progress. Mapping calls are much more about targeting a specific issue and deep diving into strategies to help you gain insight and clarity around your story goals, plot, characters, or editing process.

We’ll also be available for two weeks after the call through email to answer any questions that arise once you’ve had a chance to jump back into your project.

Career Mapping Call | $197 | 1.5 Hours

Before we chat, we’ll send you a workbook to go through aimed at getting clarity on where you are in your fiction career and where you’re hoping to end up. You’ll send on the completed pages before we chat, so we can structure our call on helping you move forward to your specific goals based on your unique circumstances.

We’re big believers in authors paving the way that works best for THEM, and sometimes it takes a guide to set you on the right path.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure your path yet…we can help you with that too!