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We started Waypoint because we saw a way to create healthy, happy writers who felt confident in how they were moving forward. This is our honest hope for all authors.

Allie and Jo have many years of experience in all aspects of the publishing industry from Jo’s time as a freelance editor and literary agent intern to Allie’s gig designing covers at a Big Five and spending ten years in marketing, just to name a couple. Together we’ll create a plan that is designed to suit your lifestyle and writing process. We take on very few coaching clients, as we want to make sure we have ample time for those we have.

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A free read of chapter one (no more than 4k words or 10 pages) for first-time clients. Trusting your story with someone new can be a tricky and difficult step – this helps us both know if we’re a good fit.


Jo’s specialty: Need help because you’re stuck in a manuscript? Want to have someone help you sort your ideas? Have a finished project that isn’t getting the attention it deserves? Ready to start a new project? Jo would love to help.

Allie’s specialty: Feeling lost in your online presence or how to solidify your platform and brand? Thinking of re-working a series? Planning a huge world in your next book? Allie would love to help.

$60 per call – includes about an hour on the phone or a zoom chat. The time is yours, and we’re both happy to help however we can.


Not sure if you need or want a coach? Or maybe you just need help figuring out your next step? We’re happy to talk about starting your career, maintaining your career, beginning a new project, or re-imagining/revising an old one. Unsure about your online presence, website, and how to best present yourself online? We can help with that as well.

$150 per call – includes pre-phone session research, one 60 minute call, and then either 2 follow-up emails, or another 20 minute chat to help sew up details.


Preparing to submit to agents/editors and want to make sure your query, synopsis, AND first pages are ready? Been querying with minimal to no success? Fill out the “Book Now” – we’ll be in touch and will set up a folder for you to upload your submission materials, then we’ll schedule a chat time so we can get on a zoom or phone call to work through your materials. The best way to help with a query is for us to be able to ask you questions about your manuscript, characters, and what sets your story apart.

$150 per call – includes pre-phone session research, one 60-minute zoom/phone chat, followed by either two rounds of new query & synopsis revision, or another 30 minute chat. We can also do a 90-minute phone/zoom chat, and we’re happy to do a quick look-over of your revised query and synopsis.


This is our lightest coaching package. We’ll have two 60-minute chats a month (phone or zoom), as well as exchange emails (or other conversation app that works for you) throughout the month to help you with stumbling blocks or resets as you move forward in your career. This package comes with any of our workbooks you feel would help you moving forward.

This package is for you if you want to dive deeper into your character development, restructure your plot to strengthen your story, researching agents and write a kick-ass query, create a solid marketing plan that is custom designed for you and your lifestyle, plan your book launch without losing your mind in the details, find your dream readers and build authentic relationships so they keep coming back for more…

Whatever your goals are, we’re here to support you, keep you on track, and get you there faster.

$500/month2 month minimum. We’re happy to schedule an hour-long chat for $50.00, after chatting through email, to see if this option is right for you. If you choose to move forward, the $50.00 call will be deducted from your first month. We want to make sure we’re a good fit for one another, so we ask for a little more information from you at the link below.

$1350/3 months – details are the same as above – this is a discount for authors who want a little extra time.


Weekly 60-minute phone/zoom calls directed by your specific needs to write, edit, publish, or launch. Exchange of emails (or other conversation app that works for you) as needed throughout the month.

This package is appropriate for you if you’re on a deadline to finish your book and need accountability, if you’re about to release a book and the idea of marketing and launching alone makes you nauseous, or if you just can’t get the attention of agents and know you need a quick overhaul on your book and query…

Whatever your goals are, we’re here to support you, keep you on track, and get you there faster.

$1000/month2 month minimum. We’re happy to schedule an hour-long chat for $50.00, after receiving your survey, to see if this option is right for you. If you choose to move forward, the $50.00 call will be deducted from your first month. We want to make sure we’re a good fit for one another, so we ask for a little more information from you at the link below.


Send us an email to get started: or – or just send us a line through our BOOK NOW buttons.


A quick read of your MS. You’ll receive an edit letter outlining strengths, weaknesses, plot pitfalls, and a few notes on characterization as well as marketability. Instead of an edit letter, we’re happy to have a 30-60 minute phone/zoom chat with you where we can talk plot, and we can answer questions. Author’s choice. We are always happy to answer one email round of questions after you’ve had time to absorb story notes.

This edit is my recommendation if  – ONE – you have a first draft and you want some general idea of what’s working and what’s not, or – TWO – if you’ve been querying and your book just isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

$50.00 per 10K words *minimum charge of 50.00


This edit asks the question – does the story work? One editorial pass of your book, plus a round of questions after you receive your edit. This will include in-manuscript notes and an editorial content letter pointing out general overall issues in the manuscript: Protagonist – is this your POV? Is it not? Do we understand the protagonist’s motivation as the story progresses? Do we see growth? Point of View: Have you chosen correctly for your story? Plot/Pinch Points and Pacing: Does the story make sense and have good flow? Tension/Stakes: Are the stakes clear? Characterization, Setting, Overall Story Arc, and Tone – were the promises made in the beginning, kept in the end?

$60.00 per 10K words *minimum charge of 50.00

*If you need help with something not offered here, please reach out to us. We love hearing from other writers and can nearly always find a way to help.


One pass of your book to seek and destroy grammar issues and typos. These are done by our college intern who has close to forty proofs behind her. She has done proofreading for both traditionally and independently published authors. Email Emma

$35.00 per 10K words

Privacy and Service Policy

By booking and/or sending over an edit, you’re saying that you understand the following:

First time clients will send their first pages for a free sample edit – helps all of us!

$50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule an edit. Until the $50.00 is paid, that spot is not held. That $50.00 will be deducted from your final total. If your manuscript is turned more than five business days late, the $50.00 is forfeit. The reasoning behind this: When an author schedules an edit, that portion of the calendar is blocked out, but life necessities like food, gas, and internet are still a present need. We’ll also be working on a fuller schedule when the MS is turned in, because it will be edited when there is not a slot for an edit. If your manuscript is turned in more than 5 business days late, our turnaround time may be longer.

Payment is expected at, or soon after, the invoice for the full manuscript is sent. Edits will not proceed past the one-quarter mark without payment.

No portion of your MS, edits on that MS, nor any details/ideas/theories from your MS, nor your personal information will be shared with any outside parties, including social media, unless we have your express permission.

If there’s something you think would help your writing, and it’s not listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our passion is helping writers become stronger writers, and we’ll always be looking for ways we can do that better. Jo is happy to do a short cheerleading session on the phone in exchange for Amazon bucks or Barnes and Noble gift cards 😉


Why a coach? Every writer’s needs change as they work through a manuscript, and as their career grows. We can help you re-evaluate your goals, help you stay on the best path for you, and our help will change as your needs change. For example: While writing a manuscript, our communication may center around setting writing goals, chatting about plot, and planning next steps for your manuscript. When you’re ready to query, or to hit publish, our sessions will change to reflect your needs.

Why a two-month minimum? We hope that our clarity call will show us both that we’ll work well together. Allie and Jo will not agree to work with you unless we truly believe that we can be of service to you, your specific needs, and your publishing goals. Because we take coaching very seriously, and take on very few clients, we want to make sure that our time can be spent helping you, rather than preparing for new clients.

What can I expect on a phone call? We’ll check in with you before each call–both to schedule, and to see what your specific needs might be. We can talk through anything you might need–from lack of motivation (we’ve all been there!) to plotting help, to marketing strategies. If Allie or Jo feels the other one of us is better equipped to help with a specific problem, we’ll give you the option of choosing who your phone call is with. We also confer with one another often. We’ll check in with how things have been since the last call (unless this is our first) and make plans and set goals for the next call.

When I’m done with coaching, how and when should I notify you? We ask for two weeks notice if you’re at the point where you’re ready to adventure on your own. Thank you!

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