Finding time and money to weave your way through the publishing industry–both the business side and the writing side–is tough. Jo created these DIY resources to help you no matter where you’re at in your author journey.

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The Character Basics Sheets: Help your protagonist stand out whether you’re just sitting down to write, or ready to jump into revisions.

MANAGE YOUR WRITING TIME: Dreams to Goals Guide – This will set you up to organize and manage your writing time – making sure that the work you’re doing is getting you where you want to go.

Waypoint Author Resources

Every workbook we create are tools that we use for both ourselves and the clients we work with one-on-one. This is more than 25 years of combined experience in the publishing industry condensed in a way that you can do in your own time and in your own space.

WRITING TOOL designed for authors who:
  • Are starting a new writing project.
  • Are trying to decide which project to tackle next.
  • Are ready to approach their writing process in a new way.
  • Want to streamline the pre-writing process.
  • Want to give their book its best chance at success before writing the first word.
  • You can download this resource HERE
WRITING TOOL designed for authors who:
  • Want to dig into a new way of approaching plotting a novel.
  • Love digging deep into the WHY of their fiction.
  • Want a character-based approached to story-telling.
  • Are looking to elevate their approach to story.
  • Want to create unforgettable stories that lead to a long-lasting author career.
  • You can download this resource HERE
WRITING TOOL designed for authors who:
  • Want nothing but our most popular worksheets.
  • Have written enough to not need detailed explanations.
  • Want to revisit how they approach story.
  • Are starting a new genre.
  • Are frustrated with writing.
  • Burned out with story-telling.
  • Allie and Jo both use these worksheets for EVERY new piece of fiction they write.
  • You can download this resource HERE
WRITING TOOL for authors who:
  • Recognize that self-editing is one of the most important tools any author can have.
  • Are curious about using self-editing BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER writing the first draft.
  • Want to revive an old writing project.
  • Are stuck partway through a current writing project.
  • Want to know how to better plan their next story.
  • Want to understand the hows and whys of the editing levels.
  • You can download this resource HERE
AUTHOR TOOL for writers who:
  • Are looking for an agent or publisher.
  • Want the strongest pitch, query, synopsis, first pages, and bio that they can have.
  • Are ready for tips on how to read the market and how to submit to agents and/or editors.
  • You can download this resource HERE
WRITING TOOL for authors who:
  • Are ready to level-up their romance.
  • Are looking for a simple question and answer to approach the romantic element in their story.
  • Are ready to writing a category romance, OR want to make the romantic thread of their fiction as strong as it can be.
  • You can find this resource HERE
WRITING TOOL for authors who:
  • Want a long-lasting career as an author.
  • Are feeling overwhelmed with the process of publishing.
  • Are ready to re-imagine their writing career.
  • Want a solid path forward in writing and author biz.
  • You can find this resource HERE