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What’s standing between you and your writing dreams?

Dreaming is an important part of your writing (both creatively and in business), and we support your biggest, loftiest dreams with everything we have. We love your dreams and think they are great.

But can you sort through your dreams for reality? Are you in control of your writing business? Do you know how take a dream and make it real?

Or do you get lost in the imagining, planning, and wishing that comes with building a career as a fiction author? Have you conceded to the publishing gatekeepers and are just hoping and waiting for someone else to hand you a career?

Maybe the thing standing between you and and your dreams is…well, you

We want you to have the best chance of reaching even your stretchiest dreams which means you need to take back your power and put yourself in charge of your writing, publishing, and life.

The first step is understanding how to spot a dream, covert it into a series of goals, and pace your tasks to build both momentum and confidence (two very important ingredients to success).

You may not have control over the gatekeepers of publishing (readers, agents, editors, algorithms and the like) but you absolutely can set yourself up on the path to making your dreams a reality!

Are you ready to begin?

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