Free Mini Courses

Our free mini courses are useful, fluff-free, pitch free and highly focused training that can benefit debut and eststablished authors alike.

Brand new authors will get the very first steps they need to lay a solid foundation for their career, and established authors will get a ‘back to the basics’ refresher when they are feeling overwhelmed by options in publishing.

The 2020 Winter session is currently in production, but sign up to the wait list to be the first one enrolled!


Fast Drafting
Get out of your own way and get that story onto the page
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Create engaging characters
Stories are about characters not plot points. Deepen your characters, hook your readers.
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From Pantser to Plotter
Learn how to plan out your stories better without crushing the magic of discovery
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Layered Self Editing
Master the art of self editing with a layering technique that deepens your story and improves your craft
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A What Kind of Edit?
Understand what an editor does at every level so you can choose the right one for your project everytime
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The Ultimate Amazon Checklist
Author Central, book pages, keywords…get more visible with a solid Amazon presence.
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Back Matter, matters
If your reader makes it to THE END, that’s just the beginning. Learn how to capture your readers with back matter that converts
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The Platform Foundation
Create an author platform that runs itself with these simple steps
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Branding & Marketing

Beginners Guide to Author Branding
Author branding is more than font and colors, learn how to bring your brand to life and attract the RIGHT readers.
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A Simply Perfect Marketing Plan
Whether your brand new or seasoned author, marketing plans is a four letter word. Learn to embrace the process and grow your readership.
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Nail your Newsletter: Fiction Edition
Fiction Readers are a different beast when it comes to newsletters. The traditional methods don’t work, here’s what does…
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The best way to get the most of WAYPOINT’s free training is to do one course at a time and then implement what you’ve learned for at least 2-4 weeks before taking another.

These lessons are not going anywhere and at Waypoint we believe that building a solid foundation at a sustainable pace is the best way to craft a career in writing fiction.

Gimmicks, tactics, and trends are great but they are meant to be used to amplify your platform, not BE your platform.