A great book doesn’t happen by accident …

MASTER SELF EDITOR gives you all the tools you need to level up your skills, save time & money, and write an unforgettable novel

It doesn’t matter if you outline, loosely plan,

Become a Master Self Editor

Knowing how to craft an amazing story experience for your reader requires you to keep track of many moving pieces in your head.

Have you ever read a book where the plot twist was so deliciously baked into the plot you were sidelined by it? Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor.

Or the setting jumped off the page and manipulated your emotions with just the atmosphere, never mind the swoon-worthy love story? I’m not crying, you’re crying…

Or the mystery was intense enough that you were scouring the words for breadcrumbs, determined to stay one step ahead of a killer?

These things didn’t just happen. Well, maybe some of them did but they stayed in the book because they were crafted to perfection through an editing process. The genius of Self Editing is that an author can have an active role in writing and editing their work, instead of crossing their fingers and hoping they’ve done something worth reading. There is no magical essence or otherworldly thing that determines whether or not your story works. Great stories do not simply wink into existence through some vessel of happenstance. Authors create, craft, and perfect these words with the help of editors, agents, and beta readers.

Being a great Self-editor ensures that you are keeping control of the creative vision, advocating for your story’s greater theme, and making sure the meaning of the story doesn’t get lost as the book changes hands between Beta readers and editors.

A good self-edit can also save you money in the long run as you’ll be able to use your Beta readers and editors to the full extent of their talent. Without a self-edit, your editor is going to use up their time telling you things that you already know. Wouldn’t you rather ensure your dollars are going to them so they can help you level up and improve the writing/story?

The MASTER SELF EDITOR course will help you better understand story structure, but more than that, this program teaches you to trust your instincts and improve your skills so that the story you hand over to an editor/agent/reader is one you’re proud of.

The MASTER SELF EDITOR program will help you:

  • Become a better storyteller
  • Deepen your characters
  • Weave your plot with more precision
  • Hook your reader from page one
  • Get the most out of your time & money
  • Hire and communicate better with editors
  • Set your book up to succeed in a competitive market

Jolene has the absolute wizardry to figure out why I’m less than satisfied with any manuscript and then make a plan for how to fix the problem. She knows what my book needs even more than I do.

Anna Michael

Ready to become a master?

If you want a better understanding of story structure, how to hook a reader,
and create an immersive experience then you are ready!

What you get in the MASTER SELF EDIT program for the special introductory price of $97

Module 1

Master Self Editor
Lesson On
e: Benefits of being a Master
Lesson Two: Levels of Edits
Lesson Three: Take the Time

Module 2

The Idea
Lesson One: What is your Book About? Exploring the Deeper Why
Lesson Two:
Core Idea and Theme
Lesson Three:
The Story Question
Lesson Four: A Pitch is Crucial to Your Novel’s Success

Module 3

The Characters
Lesson One: Protagonist and Point of View
Lesson Two:
Character Motivation
Lesson Three:
Root Scene & Compass Scene

Module 4

The Structure
Lesson One: How to Use Plot Helpers in the Revision Process
Lesson Two:
Story Structure Basics
Lesson Three:
First and Last Chapters
Lesson Four: Tightening up Subplots

Module 5

Chapter & Scene
Lesson One: Opening And Closing Chapters
Lesson Two:
Chapter and Scene Breaks
Lesson Three:
Learn & Propel to make every moment count

Module 6

Moving Forward
Lesson One: Revise in Layers, Edit in Thirds
Lesson Two:
Best Pieces of Editing Advice
Lesson Three:
Finding YOUR best way forward


Bonus 1

Line By Line
Once the story is in place it’s time to tackle the story line by line to make the writing sing.

Bonus 2

Most Common Mistakes
Actionable steps to combat the most common mistakes authors make in their stories.

Bonus 3

Help! I’m overwhelmed!
Writing a book isn’t easy, and there are so many moving parts it’s a lot to manage. Here are some common mindset roadblocks and how to overcome them.

Bonus 4

Taking a Break without Taking a Break
Time is a luxury we don’t all have, so if you’re on a tight deadline or need to move quickly on your work, here are some ways to trick your brain into thinking it’s taken a break

For any writer friends who need a little plot whispering in your life, Jolene Perry with Waypoint Author Academy is a miracle worker! She pinpointed my theme in two sentences (and I won’t even talk about the pages and pages I have trying to get that clear in my head). She clarified points and asked important questions I hadn’t even thought of.

Janet Johnson


I’m a total pantser and never plan out my novels in advance, will this course help me?

The Master Self Editor is designed to work for all kinds of writers. Pantsers can use this information after they’ve written their first draft to make sure the story elements are in place and the character arcs will root a reader to their seat.

I outline my novels meticulously and write very clean first drafts, how can this course be beneficial for me?

There’s no right way to take in the lessons here. Doing this work before during or after you’ve written your first draft is up to you. The information is laid out so each author can decide how best to use it in order to level up their understanding of story structure and how to provide an immersive experience for their reader.

I don’t have time to do self-editing, I work on a tight turnaround and strict deadlines…

Time is a luxury and not one we all can afford. We’ve taken this into consideration when putting together the MASTER SELF EDITOR course and laid it out so that you can use it before, during, or after you’ve written. The lessons are short and touch on only the essentials as we are sensitive to your time and finances.

I’m currently searching for an agent but so far it’s been form rejections or hearing nothing back at all. Can this course help me with that?

Absolutely! When an agent picks up a well-laid-out story with great pacing, character development, and tension, they see an author who works hard, advocates for themselves, and will be a great investment for that agency. Even if the writing is a bit shaky and there’s some work to be done, an agent wants to represent authors who are dedicated to their craft and willing to do their part to make sure that agent has a story worth selling. Form rejections are a sign that the story isn’t starting off in the best way and we have a whole Module dedicated to JUST that!

My story is already published but I’m not getting great reviews, can another round of editing help?

The beauty of self-publishing is you can pull the story, update it and republish it any time you want to. If you don’t have great sales, it might not be your story that’s the problem. It could be your cover, description, or sales copy that needs work. But if your reviews are suffering from readers who are confused, uninterested, or unable to look past plot/character snags then this self-editing course is exactly what you might need to dig deeper and write a truly amazing book.

It’s time to trust your story instincts

You got into writing because of your eye for story. You know what makes a great book because you started this journey as a reader.
You fell in love with expertly written novels that effortlessly grabbed hold of your imagination and rooted you to your seat, turning pages until THE END.
But as a writer, you’re finding that it’s extremely difficult to make a book look effortless. That easy writing is actually very hard.
Your author skills might not line up with your reader instincts, but they can. They will.
You need to trust yourself, and the MASTER SELF EDITOR course can help you.