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So, maybe now is NOT the time to write that book…

Maybe now is the time that you’re overwhelmed, unsure, and exhausted. On top of everything going on right now, you’re also being hit with messaging that suggests you should be productive, focused, and motivated. There’s pressure to believe that right now is the time to chase your dreams, to write that book, to conquer those goals.

If it does feel like a great time to write, that’s cool. You chase those words. We’re rooting for you!

But for most of us, our creativity is taking a big hit right now. The last thing it needs is for us to pressure it to perform. Because guess what happens when you force creativity out of a place of desperation or shame? It hides and stubbornly refuses to perform or performs subpar work.

Instead what if we nurtured it? Protected it? Approached it with compassion and understanding?

There is more to a writing career than just writing and this guide—4 Tips to Protect Creative Energy & Foster Resilience—will help you protect your creativity while still moving forward in your career.

One tiny step at a time.