Over the last decade and a half, I have merged my love of writing, endless fascination with human psychology, and my experience working in design, marketing, and advertising into this little thing I call Platform Genres.

What is a platform genre?

I have been working in advertising, branding, design, and publishing for over a decade. Over that time I’ve worked with and spoken to hundreds of authors, editors, agents, and industry professionals.  

One thing I’m really great at is reading people, hearing what isn’t said, and finding patterns. It’s why I was such a great bartender…

Authors wanted ease, they wanted authenticity, they wanted to know why even the most basic step-by-step instructions weren’t getting them anywhere.

After looking between these frustrations and struggles, I’ve framed Big Picture Strategy for authors in a way that is simple and effective. I call them genres, because just like in fiction, a genre can hold hundreds of different stories, tropes, conventions, conflicts, and writing styles… 

These FIVE genres (Classic, Visionary, Superhero, Influencer, and Artist) are not boxes to cram yourself into, they are jumping off points to inspire you to create an author platform that works for your personality, your goals, your writing, and your lifestyle. We don’t do cookie-cutter bullshit around here. We believe that you already know and have what you need. Our job is to help you get comfortable digging for it.

The Platform Genre is simply: Where are we putting you on the shelves so your ideal people will find you?  

Don’t get the Platform Genres confused with Brand Archetypes, though. Platforms are different than brands because they are much broader.   

A Platform Genre isn’t meant to help you discover your color palette or brand culture, it’s meant to help you define your route to your readers.  

Your Platform is where you’re going– the map–and the archetype is how you position yourself along the way to be sure you get to your destination. 

They are both necessary to building a cohesive, authentic, and impactful online presence in fiction. And we can help you build, navigate, and conquer each one in turn.

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