Your Waypoint Roadmap

My career in publishing started in 2009, and I’m tired of seeing talented authors getting lost in the noise of publishing. I want every author to own their own writing, take control of their career, and find the readers who need them–all while minimizing overwhelm and streamlining a process that works for them.

Test out a few free resources

Grab the free Dreams to Goals guide, where you’ll get exercises on how to take your publishing dreams and turn them into simple and actionable writing goals. (I do this when I feel like I’m working a ton and just not getting anywhere)

If you’re looking for a simple guide to make sure your story is on the right track, you can check out the Story Roots Idea Checker. Get the first step to making sure your newest project is ready to draft or find a new way to look at an existing project.

Having trouble drowning out the noise of life around you? Test out the 4 Steps to Protecting Creative Energy – simple strategies to get your mind back into the creative mindset.

Ready to dig into character? Here are a few sheets to help get you started. Grab your Character Basics Sheets Here.

Are you ready to dig deep into your stories?

After repeating myself again and again during one-on-one chats with authors, I put my most often-given advice into workbooks that you can do on your own time and in your own space. You can find the free and paid guides HERE.

Get the Guidance You Need

My hope for what I’m doing with Waypoint is to save you time, stress, and money so you can reach your potential as a fiction author without the common mistakes and traps that capture so many of us.

You can also work with me one on one to help get you centered and focused around your story, which publication path you want to move forward with, or even go over your online presence. I’ve helped brainstorm new ideas, sort through old ideas, and even sat and walked an author through fixing their query. Each call is directed by what YOU need and together we identify the step you need to take based on what you’re working on, your struggles, and your life circumstances. Zero cookie-cutter, one-size nonsense.

Other Resources…

Be sure to check out the articles on the site – everything from marketing, platform, writing outside of experiences, and strengthening the language of our stories.