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Your Waypoint Roadmap

First off, congratulations on your choice to dig into your fiction writing career! You ended up here with us, on this page for a reason. Maybe it’s because you sought us out or perhaps you were searching online and happened across us.

Either way it’s amazing that you took this step to try to understand how to make the most of your publishing and get your amazing books in the hands of readers who need them.

The best way to start with Waypoint is to understand who we are, what we do. Essentially we are two publishing professionals who were tired of seeing talented authors getting lost in the noise of publishing. We help you own your writing, take control of your career, and find the readers who need you–all while minimizing your overwhelm and streamlining the process.

Try us out

Grab our totally free Dreams to Goals guide, where you’ll get some really great exercises on how to take your publishing dreams and turn them into writing goals

After you have some wild dreams and solid goals, head over to the Author Traction Challenge and take back control over your publishing career in five days! Shifting your mindset from Reactive Mode to Proactive mode has never been so simple because during this five day challenge you put yourself back at the center of your career. Your values drive you, your author promise is authentic, your readers relate to you, you are showing up only where you shine, and your style is reflective of your badass self. We’ll see you there!

Dig Deeper

Ready to really dig in to your stories now that you’re in control of your dreams, goals, and brand? We’ve got a workbook that will take all the questions out what to work on next and make your WIP as amazing as you envision it. The PITCH IT TO WRITE IT guide helps you brainstorm your ideas, choose the right project, dig deep into why you should write it, and draft an awesome pitch that will keep you on track while you write.

Get the Guidance You Need

Everyone needs the support of their community and we believe that writing and publishing is better together. With a combined two decades of experience and dozens of books published we can save you time, stress, and money so you can reach your potential as a fiction author without the common mistakes and traps that befall solo authors.

Our simple author chats can get you centered and focused around your story, platform, or marketing. Each call is directed by what YOU need and together we identify the step you need to take based on what you’re working on, your struggles, and your life circumstances. Zero cookie-cutter, one-size nonsense.

Our long-term coaching will be the guidance you need to finish that book, up-level your career, bust out of that marketing rut, or get the attention you need on your book. We work with traditional and indie authors and specialize in working with authors who’ve been at it for awhile and just aren’t reaching the levels they aspire to. Keep getting requests on your manuscript from agents but no offers yet? We can get to the heart of the story and help up your submission game. Is your new indie release not getting the readership and reviews it deserves? We can get your book looking its best inside and out and help you craft a winning marketing plan that will speak to your ideal readers.

Coming soon

Waypoint has big plans for the future and understands that each author is in a unique position when it comes to building and maintaining a career in fiction. The markets are ever-changing, the world is a rollercoaster, and there is lots of work to be done.

Keep an eye on this space for news regarding new workshops, classes, and full programs. We’ve also got some exciting scholarship news we’re hoping to reveal in the fall!

In the meantime…

Be sure to check out our weekly articles of heart-centered and action packed tips, tricks, and shifts to help you rock your next project, find your true people, and get your book looking the best it can.