Thanks for taking my class at Storymakers

Because I had so much fun and adore you all so much I put together a page of extra resources for you to help you in your editing and chosing your next steps on your publishing path.

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Common Editing Mistakes: Big Picture Edits

After editing hundreds of manuscripts these are the most common mistakes I see when doing Developmental Edits

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A few samplers of Waypoint Resources to help you go deeper into your story…

Pre-Write Your Way to an Unforgettable Novel: A Four Step Process to Make Your Story Stand Out.

Standing out in the publishing world starts with a remarkable story–and writing a remarkable story starts with you, because you are the unique element of your story. 

Five Step Story Mapping: Craft a Compelling Story in Five Steps (Whether You’re a Plotter or a Pantser)

The 5-Point Story Mapping Method is not just another plot device. It’s a comprehensive writing framework that combines author goals, market analysis, and compelling storytelling to create memorable books that sell.

Thank you so much and best of luck on your publishing path!