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Writing Disabled Characters: 3 Tropes to Avoid

With the rise of social media and the internet, marginalized groups have been able to create online platforms and share their experiences. With all of this new information cycling the web, and authors wanting to diversify their casts of characters, it can be difficult to make sure that you are representing a character that is a member of a marginalized group in a respectful … Read More Writing Disabled Characters: 3 Tropes to Avoid


Author Toolbox: Learn and Propel

I’m a huge believer in having as many self-editing tools as possible, and this is one of my favorites. Each scene in our manuscript needs to count. Each scene needs to move the story forward, give the reader new information, and help your reader to experience the story. Every time I give you writing advice, or process advice, I urge you to test it … Read More Author Toolbox: Learn and Propel