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DIY Workbook: 5 Point Story Mapping

The 5 Point Story Mapping Method isn’t a plotting device. It’s not a new series of beats or a reworking of classic plot tools. The Waypoint Method aims to get deep under the skin of your story so that you understand more than just what happens to your characters. It’s about setting yourself up to succeed, understanding your own motivations as well as your … Read More DIY Workbook: 5 Point Story Mapping


How Layering Your Edits Can Make the Revision Process Smoother

When it comes to editing your book, there’s more than one approach to the revision process. Some writers work through their manuscript from beginning to end, in chronological order. Others might work backward, one chapter at a time. Another efficient way to conduct revisions is by layering your edits. Let’s consider what layering your edits might look like. How to Determine Your Editing Layers  … Read More How Layering Your Edits Can Make the Revision Process Smoother


Author Toolbox: Learn and Propel

I’m a huge believer in having as many self-editing tools as possible, and this is one of my favorites. Each scene in our manuscript needs to count. Each scene needs to move the story forward, give the reader new information, and help your reader to experience the story. Every time I give you writing advice, or process advice, I urge you to test it … Read More Author Toolbox: Learn and Propel