Listen to your inspiration or listen to the market? The Answer: Both

There’s an ages old debate that happens in writing advice circles between whether you should write what you want or write what readers want. Writing to market is bad, says one group. You should follow your inpiration and write what moves your soul. Writing to market is good, says the other. You’re going to die … Read More Listen to your inspiration or listen to the market? The Answer: Both

4S Author: Sales

Get caught up on the 4S series here: 4S | Self | Story | Support | Sales Selling your books is a process that quickly gets out of control, leading to confusion, indecision, overwhelm, and then shut down. The cause is too much information, too quickly, and at the wrong time.  Authors (and everyone else … Read More 4S Author: Sales

4S Author: Support

If you haven’t read them get caught up here: 4S Author | Self | Story | Support | Sales It’s easy to slip into thinking your writing is just you—the author. Your readers and those dreaded gatekeepers are way over there. In essence, it’s you alone and then everyone else you are trying to reach … Read More 4S Author: Support

4S Author: Story

Welcome back to the next S in our 4S author career series! Get caught up: 4S author career | Self | Story | Support | Sales Story is arguably the most important part of a writing career. You can be wicked confident and have a ton of money to throw at an in depth marketing plan, but if your … Read More 4S Author: Story

4S Author: Self

Starting with SELF is appropriate because it’s often the thing authors abandon first. We spend so much time trying to contort ourselves for agents, editors, and readers we completely forget that we’re a very important piece of our stories. If you haven’t read the Series Kickoff outlining the 4S’s, do that here. The self has … Read More 4S Author: Self

The 4S Author Career

There are a lot of paths to publishing your novels, and it can become quite overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. But under all the tech and strategies and marketing your success will hinge on only 4 core thing. Over the coming weeks I’ll dive into each one a bit further. Note: … Read More The 4S Author Career

Pitch it to Write it

Not long ago, I was preparing to teach at a writing retreat. As I sat down to plan, I listed out some ideas of short classes I could present. Then, I sent my ideas to the group of attendees for a vote. As an afterthought, I slid in – How to Know What to Write … Read More Pitch it to Write it


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