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My goal has always been to help writers find what works for THEM, and then to find confidence in that discovery and their chosen way forward. Whether it’s how they move forward in publishing, starting new projects, or presenting themselves online – my hope for authors at every stage is to be both satisfied with their choices and excited to push themselves to the next level.

So whether you’re an absolute beginner looking for the best way to get your first story out of your head and onto the blank page…

…or you’re an established author who wants to continue to level up your writing and see the huge potential of serialization…

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More about Us

Allie and Jo met on Twitter – both women living in the FAR north at the time, and during their ten-year friendship have learned they’re opposite sides of the same coin in so many ways.

The main thing you should know is that we both love good stories and we want to do whatever we can to make sure they find their way out into the world.

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We both felt strongly that there wasn’t enough information and guidance that authors could do in their own space, in their own time, and in their own way. This is how our workbooks were born–from a need to try to get good information out to as many writers as possible, in a way that’s accessible to far more than traditional edits.


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1 on 1 writing advice

Sometimes the best way to get past a block in your writing, your online presence, or any part of your career, is simply to chat it out. We do everything from simple one-off phone calls, to more research and in-depth phone calls as well as full manuscript edits.

For any writer friends who need a little plot whispering in your life, Jolene Perry with Waypoint Author Academy is a miracle worker! She pinpointed my theme in two sentences (and I won’t even talk about the pages and pages I have trying to get that clear in my head). She clarified points and asked important questions I hadn’t even thought of. Basically, she’s brilliant and so worth the time and money!

MG author Janet Johnson

Let’s work on your author self together