Jolene has the absolute wizardry to figure out why I’m less than satisfied with any manuscript and then make a plan for how to fix the problem. She knows what my book needs even more than I do. — Anna Michael

For any writer friends who need a little plot whispering in your life, Jolene Perry with Waypoint Author Academy is a miracle worker! She pinpointed my theme in two sentences (and I won’t even talk about the pages and pages I have trying to get that clear in my head). She clarified points and asked important questions I hadn’t even thought of. Basically, she’s brilliant and so worth the time and money! – Author Janet Johnson

Ok, so this morning I worked with a developmental editor for the first time ever. Bless Jolene Perry for helping me cull my 30,000 ideas and elements down to 10,000. I’m really excited to finally have some clarity on this project that’s been on my mind for SEVERAL years now. Frickin bless. – Suzanne Brandenburg Gale