My hope for every author is for them to be excited about their chosen path forward – whether that’s publication path, genre, or within their current writing project.

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  • Need help because you’re stuck in a manuscript?
  • Want to have someone help you sort your ideas?
  • Have a finished project that isn’t getting the attention it deserves?
  • Ready to start a new project?
  • Want to go traditional and need some query guidance?
  • Ready to jump into publishing independently?

We can screen share and do some line editing, we can look over your online presence, we can talk about the manuscript you want to love again, or the idea you’ve been afraid to write. The time is YOURS.

$75 per call – Includes about 45-50 minutes on a phone or zoom chat. The more information you include on your BOOK NOW form, or in the email when you schedule your call, the better we can use your time.


  • Getting ready to start a new fiction project?
  • Had an idea for ages but can’t quite find the motivation to get the words down?
  • Feeling lost in the middle of a fiction project?
  • Finished a project and know something isn’t quite right?
  • Staring at your list of ideas, unsure how to move forward?

We’re happy to talk through a plot no matter where you’re at in the process.

$125-175 per call – pre-session research (cost is dependent on amount of pre-session work), one 60 minute call, and if you find you have questions within the next two weeks, we are happy to accept one follow up email. Click BOOK NOW below, or email me directly:


  • Preparing to submit to agents/editors and want to make sure your query, synopsis, AND first pages are ready?
  • Been querying with minimal success?
  • Fill out the “Book Now” – we’ll be in touch and will set up a folder for you to upload your submission materials, then we’ll schedule a chat time so we can get on a zoom or phone call to work through your materials.

$150 per call – includes pre-phone session research (us looking over your submission materials), one 60-75 minute zoom/phone chat, followed by one edit on your revision for either your query or synopsis, or another follow-up email.


Jolene occasionally takes on a full manuscript project. If you’re interested, please email, so we can see what would work best for where you’re at with your project, what your goals are, and how I can best help you move forward. For new clients, I’ll always want to do a sample edit of about 5-10 pages to make sure we’re a good fit for one another.

Jolene’s experience includes: numerous writing conference workshops from 2014-present, reading over 100 manuscripts while interning for the Bent Agency, working with editors from: Simon&Schuster, Entangled/Macmillan, Albert Whitman, and several other publishing houses. Does occasional freelance work for publishers. Has done freelance editing for five years and in that time has seen clients reach NYT, USA Today Bestseller Lists, as well as find homes and agents for their manuscripts in the traditional publishing world. Has guest-lectured university-level students, and worked as the Author in Residence at Alaska Pacific University.

The options are as follows:

SIMPLE STORY EDIT: Includes a full read of your manuscript focusing on story, plot & pinch points, characterization, and overall character and story arcs. Notes returned to you in one of the following ways (author’s choice):

  • A full edit letter
  • 60-minute phone/zoom chat.
  • Simplified edit letter + shorter phone/zoom chat

DEVELOPMENTAL STORY EDIT: Includes a full read of your manuscript focusing on story, plot & pinch points, characterization, and overall character and story arcs. Includes in-manuscript notes, as well as one of the following (author’s choice):

  • A full edit letter
  • 60-minute phone/zoom chat.
  • Simplified edit letter + shorter phone/zoom chat

LINE EDIT: For stories that are ready for a deep-dive into strengthening language. Includes in-manuscript notes as well as an edit letter.

Email me and send on 5-10 pages of your work so we can discuss which option would be best suited for your project. Neither of us is committing to anything beyond me giving you feedback to see how you’d like to move forward, and to see if we think I’m a good fit for your story. Turnaround time is 3-6 weeks.

Cost is $75-125 per 10K words depending on the manuscript and style of edit.


PROOF: One pass of your book to seek and destroy grammar issues and typos. These are done by our college intern who has close to forty proofs behind them. Jesse has done proofreading for both traditionally and independently published authors, including USA Today Bestselling Authors. If you have a style sheet from your copyeditor, or for your series, please send that with the manuscript.

SENSITIVITY READS: Jesse can also do sensitivity reads for the following: disability, mental health, LGBTQIA+ issues.


$45.00 per 10K words

Privacy and Service Policy

For phone/zoom chats, payment is expected at booking. (Unless you’re booking multiple sessions)

Payment is forfeit if you cancel within 72 hours of appointment.

Any re-scheduling of session must be done at least 24 hours before appointment or payment is forfeit.

A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot for any full manuscript consults or edits.

If the manuscript is turned in more than 5 business days late, your deposit is forfeit.

Your full manuscript will be returned with the edit agreed upon in 3-6 weeks. If you’d like your manuscript sooner than 3 weeks, there’s a 50.00 rush fee + $5 per 10K words.

No details/ideas/theories from your career, manuscript, nor your personal information will be shared with any outside parties unless we have your express permission. (If Jo wants to use something interesting in a TikTok)

Paying your invoice is an acceptance of this Service Policy.

Thank you!


What can I expect on a phone call? I’ll check in with you before each call – both to schedule, and to see what your specific needs might be. We can talk through anything you might need – from lack of motivation (we’ve all been there!) to plotting help, to online presence, to talking through independent versus traditional publishing. The time is YOURS.

What if I’d like help on something not listed here? Please reach out! I’m very happy to tweak anything above to suit your needs. I’ve done chapter by chapter edits as the author wrote, I’ve done a quick read style edit on the first half and a more in-depth edit on the second half. Reach out, let me know what you’re working on, and I’ll tell you how I can best help.

Always know that we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our one-on-one calls.

~ Jo

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